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Established in 1997 and based in the heart of the Black Country, the Walsall Chiropractic Health Clinic has built a reputation that has spread beyond Walsall & Birmingham and has extended throughout the West Midlands. We pride ourselves on providing a warm, friendly and professional Clinic to all of our patients and value our reputation and word of mouth referrals.

Our team of highly qualified Chiropractors are all registered with the General Chiropractic Council (GCC) and either the British Chiropractic Association (BCA) or the United Chiropractic Association (UCA).  Our Chiropractors are skilled in the examination, diagnosis and treatment of conditions of various health issues.

Don't let your neck or back ache become a real pain

A survey carried out by the British Chiropractic Association has found two in three people have suffered serious neck or back pain by the time we hit 35.

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Chiropractors work on all parts of the body, concentrating on the spine, using their hands to perform skilled, precise manipulation.

Back Pain

Back pain may be the result of many different causes. Chiropractors deal with back pain originating from mechanical dysfunction of the spine. The spine is made up of vertebrae and discs. Most of the spines vertebrae have four joints, two with the vertebra above and two with the vertebra below. If any of the joints become stuck or reduced in movement, pain ensues. Chiropractors use very specific manipulations to the spine to restore movements to the joints and thus relieve pain.

Disc Injuries

Discs are spongy pads that sit between the vertebrae. They act as spacers, shock absorbers and they allow the vertebrae to move. A disc is a bit like a jam doughnut in that it has a jelly centre and a firmer, but flexible outer casing. When a disc is damaged, the jelly tears into the outer casing, causing the casing to bulge. This was commonly referred to as a slipped disc in years gone by. However, modern imaging showed this belief to be incorrect. The disc has never actually slipped. Chiropractors use manipulation to try and bring the jelly back towards the centre of the disc to remove pain.


Sciatica is a very generalised term and generally refers to the leg pain someone experiences when their sciatic nerve is trapped or irritated. The three most common causes of sciatica seen by a Chiropractor are due to: A bulging disc, degenerative Spurs of bone from arthritic spinal joints and tight or spasmed muscles in the back side.


Contrary to popular belief, headaches are NOT normal. A headache is a symptom to let you know all is not right. Restricted joints in the neck affecting vertebral movement or tension of the surrounding muscles are common culprits leading to headaches. If you suffer regular headaches, be certain to consult a Chiropractor as they may well be able to help.

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